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As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) spreads through our country, we are all focusing on how to stop it. The situation is changing by the minute, as New Zealand takes action to safeguard our people, employees and our vulnerable.



What does COVID-19 mean for New Zealand families?

For parents, this is becoming extremely stressful. Many of us will be forced to continue working while our children’s schools and/or preschool is closed, this is especially relevant to our amazing Essential Services parents.


MASH Nannies to the rescue!


Fortunately MASH Nannies has plenty of fabulous short term Nannies available and able to start now, throughout New Zealand.


Our MASH Nannies have great references and many have been Police Vetted and up to date First Aid Certificates. Most of our Nannies have been working in our After School and Holiday programmes, so they will be fantastic with your children.


We have Nannies available for 12 hour days or 6 hour days, 1 day per week or 5 days per week.  They are very flexible to cater to your needs.





We have wonderful MASH Nannies available to help those families with 'Essential Services' parents. This is a FREE service available to all Essential Service parents, supported by the Ministry of Social Development.


To keep you and our MASH Nannies safe, you will have your own special Nanny for the entire period of the COVID-19 self-isolation.


Your chosen MASH Nanny will work exclusively with your family for the entire period of the COVID-19 self-isolation. This way, the Nanny becomes a part of your bubble only, helping us to reduce any viral spread.


The self-isolated group of the child's family and the Nanny's family "must remain the same for the whole four weeks" of the self-isolation. The Nanny's own group (e.g. their partner and children), and your own group become one group.



Is your children's school setting copious amounts of homework to be completed?


We have Nannies with strong enough academic backgrounds to be able to help your child with the school work they may have been set - We even have nanny tutors for you!


If you think you are going to need a temporary, part time or full time nanny, don't delay - contact us today!



Let's Get Started

To book one of our wonderful Nanny's, choose from the profiles below.  We will be adding more Nannies as they complete their profiles.  Or you can contact us at:




If you would like to make contact with us, or to ask any questions about the above Nannies, please email us at: