Sport Canterbury

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We are super excited to be teaming up with Sport Canterbury to deliver the best sports based holiday programmes in Canterbury.


This partnership brings together trusted staff, expertise in the field of physical education and an understanding of what inspires kids to enjoy their time outside of school.


Together we will ensure the same high quality experience is provided to parents and caregivers, and the children who attend these programmes.



Please click on the appropriate button below for further information on each programme.

Christchurch Boys High School

Lincoln Events Centre
Papanui High School
Rolleston Community Centre
Westburn Primary School



Not much!  You will still get the same high quality sports based programme run by the same staff, but it will incorporate the fantastic MASH philosophies and structure.  We have extended the hours to better cater for working parents, and that gives us the opportunity to strengthen relationships between our staff and the children.


We have also listened to our Sport Canterbury parents, and in the future we will be bringing you longer running programmes, with the goal of providing programmes at each location for the full school holiday periods.


One of the big positive changes for parents is our easy online booking process and invoicing system.  Our friendly office staff are also on hand to provide you with the best customer support.


To find a location near you, head to our   LOCATIONS PAGE